can you reverse Alzheimer's disease? the answer is YES!

A few years ago i was lucky enough to attend a lecture by the amazing Dr Dale Bredesen and back then he was talking about his study into the therapeutic and personalised program he devised to treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (Bredesen, D., 2014). Lots of stuff us naturopaths know, with a few extra bits chucked in.


His program is groundbreaking! and being utilised by forward thinking doctors (and naturopaths) with great success. His latest research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease is reversible (check out his study here…Bredesen et al., 2018). This program recognises that there are many factors that contribute to this disease; such as low nutrient levels (B12, Vitamin D etc), elevated blood glucose, increased bowel permeability, heavy metals, hormone imbalance (plus more). He has shown that treating and remediating these issues within the body can reverse cognitive decline and AD. This is where the good stuff comes in.

It is not one single medication that is the answer, but having a multi faceted approach, using diet (ketogenic), lifestyle, nutrient supplementation etc, outlined in his earlier study here… (Bredesen, D., 2014); all the stuff we can change and control within our lives. Because of the continuing failure of drug companies to come up with a patentable, solitary drug to treat AD, we need to find another way. Even Pfizer (the pharmaceutical giant) has pulled out of any further research into Alzheimer’s.

With Alzheimer’s impacting around 40million people worldwide finding a personalised approach targeting multiple issues makes sense, especially when it shows such marked improvement in the people included in this study. Let’s get this information out there!Further research is required but with such simple strategies we can start implementing this program straight away, I know I will.

If you don’t want to read studies (like nerdy little me) then you can read his book… ‘The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.’

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